Friday, January 29, 2010

Ever want to add some extra armor to that battle tank? How about custom made Ork vehicles from scrap metal? Well let me introduce you to a little tool that I swear by.

A simple set of leather punch pliers. A simple google shopping search will give you numerous results. Before I found these puppies I used to hand cut rivets and glue them on individually, never again! The Tech Priests of Mars would be jealous at the speed you can add plates of steel to tanks with these bad boys.

I use simple .5mm styrene sheets to replicate steel plates. First I will cut them to size then I usually measure out the spots I want the rivets and mark it with a fine point Sharpie. Then I will go back and punch the rivets bit by bit until the plate is done. Here is something I did in about a minute flat. I just used a pair of scissors to cut out a rectangle and then went around the outside with the leather punch. As you can see its not perfectly straight, but this could easily be a plate for a buggy, or some looted Ork vehicle.

Here are a few shots of a Chimera that I converted by adding extra armor plating to a Predator turret.

~ So there you have it! Rivets made simple. As always if you have any questions please feel free to email me at Until next time, stay classy!

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