Sunday, October 31, 2010

So I've been away for a bit.. what have I been working on? Legion of Everblight!

So initially I was going to pick up the Protectorate of Menoth and run with them. After a long talk with a few friends of mine about play styles and some of the frustrations I was having with Khador we decided that I should probably try something that is the polar opposite. Menoth being very similar in my opinion was out. I also decided that this was a great time to get into Hordes.

I love Warlocks. They actually get to do stuff...

So I looked at two armies that were extremely different then Khador. The first was Circle of Orboros. I'm a big fan of their infantry models, but their warbeasts don't really do it for me. That being said there were also a smattering of Circle players at my local store, one of them being my closest opponent. So with those factors in play I decided to reach for The Legion of Everblight. After reading through the new forces book that came out I was hooked. I loved their fluff and I loved that they were extremely fast and "tryxy" as the term is known among Warmachine & Hordes groups.

Legion are known for their Lesser Warbeasts. OM NOM NOM!

With that in mind I ordered their battle box, and a fury management solo (The Forsaken) to help Lylyth out with all those beasts. The list was pretty interesting and gave me a great feel for fury management and the hit and run play style of Legion. A few Tooth and Claw games later.. I was hooked!

Fury management is crucial in Hordes

I made the pact with myself that I would not buy anything until each of my tiers was painted. So I would make a 15 point list, play it to death while I painted it and only once it was complete would I buy more models. Seeing as I finished my 15 points last night, I picked up a Seraph which I am now in the process of painting.

My 15 point list

So on that topic let me give you a quick run down of  how I paint my blighted snow elves.

Astrinomicon Grey + Shadow Grey 1:1 -> Astrinomicon Grey -> Astrinomicon Grey + Frost Bite 1:1 -> Frost Bite

Charadon Granite -> Babdad Black Wash -> Charadon Granite -> Khemri Brown

Chaos Black -> Chaos Black + Adeptus Battle Grey 2:1 -> Chaos Black + Adeptus Battle Grey 1:1 -> Adeptus Battle Grey

Claws, Lylyth's Hair, Bow
Khemri Brown -> Menoth Base -> Menoth Highlight -> Marrow White

Gums/Blighted Areas
Mechrite Red + Astrinomicon Grey 2:1 -> Mechrite Red + Astrinomicon Grey 1:1 -> Astrinomicon Grey

Boltgun Metal -> Badab Black Wash -> Boltgun Metal -> Chainmail -> Mithril Silver

Clear Cote
Pledge: Future Floor Wax (Airbrush) aka: Klear -> Liquitex Matte Varnish (Airbrush) -> Testor's Dullcote

~So there you have it! Hopefully I'll keep churning these bad boys out. Look for a more in depth description including pictures in the new few weeks. Don't forget.. BOOOOOST!

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