Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hey guys, It's been quite awhile since I've updated my blog. Recently I've been getting back into the scene down at my local hobby shops and started picking up Khador again. Here is a look at my test model, Kommandant Irusk.
So this time around with Khador I didn't want to do the classic scheme. I find that I usually paint classic schemes because it just looks "right", however I wanted to challenge myself and play with color theory a bit (Thanks Andrew!). So that being said I wanted to establish a central theme for my army. I wanted it to look military like.

I went back and drew on inspiration from history. Most uniforms were olive drab, so I decided that would be the main color of my army. The only problem I've found in the past when using a color like this is that from a distance your army can lack any pizazz. With that in mind I decided to accentuate the olive with a few colors. Firstly small amounts of yellow look great with green. This would be an accessory color. I wanted to get some red in there for Khador, but keep it from over powering the olive. This would be my second accessory color. I hemmed and hawed over the final color for the mix. I ended up going with khaki because I love the look it has with greens (hence my Cadians!). With that in mind I selected my paints.

Base: Mephiston Red - Citadel
Wash: Agrax Earthshade - Citadel
Highlight 1: Mephiston Red - Citadel
Highlight 2: Red - Vallejo Model Color

Base: Traitor Green - P3
Wash: Agrax Earthshade - Citadel
Highlight 1: Traitor Green - P3
Highlight 2: Gretchen Green - Citadel

Base: Balthazar Gold - Citadel
Highlight 1: 1:1 mix Gold - Vallejo Model air/Balthazar Gold - Citadel
Wash: Reikland Flesh - Citadel

Base: Trollblood Highlight - P3
Wash: Agrax Earthshade - Citadel
Highlight 1: Trollblood Highlight - P3

Base: Steel Legion Olive Drab - Citadel
Wash 1: Agrax Earthshade - Citadel
Drybrush 1: Steel Legion Olive Drab - Citadel

Base: Tallarn Flesh - Citadel
Wash: Ogryn Flesh Wash - Citadel
Highlight 1: Tallarn Flesh 1:1 Skull White - Citadel
Highlight 2: Tallarn Flesh 1:1 Adeptus Battle Grey - Citadel

Over all I was pretty pleased with the results. I was able to paint Irusk in just under 3 hours and had a ton of fun doing it. He has a bit of a throw back to my Cadians that are retired (which I love) yet is distinctly Khadorian. Enjoy!

DSC_0193.jpg DSC_0194.jpg DSC_0195.jpg DSC_0196.jpg DSC_0197.jpg


~ As always feel free to leave any questions or comments. You can always shoot me a question to my email as well!

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