Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hey Guys `n Gals, I just finished up my test mini for my Protectorate army. I thought I would discuss a little what went into his creation.
So as you can see its a simply Temple Flameguard model. He was actually pretty straight forward to paint. The hardest part by far was the reds. Diving into the project I had fully expected the whites to frustrate me but they were actually extremely easy. I also tried a new technique for gold/bronze and was very happy with the result.

I started the model by painting the whites first. I regret this and in the future I will start with the reds as they were the hardest to complete. The technique I used was as follows:
  1. Basecoat all the areas you want white with Deneb Stone
  2. Wash the areas with Devlan Mud
  3. Go back and paint all the raised areas with Deneb Stone
  4. Mix a 1:1 ratio of Skull White and Deneb Stone and highlight
  5. Highlight hard edges with pure skull white
 I was extremely happy with the technique. It required only one application of Deneb Stone at each stage. I feel this mainly was because I undercoated the model with Grey. I normally undercoat using black. After this I moved onto the golds. For these I used the following techniques:
  1. Apply a 1:2 mix of Calthan Brow: Dwarven Bronze (seeing as I mix it with a foundation paint this covers with one pass! Very excited about this)
  2. Apply a wash of GW's Brown Ink.Water it down slightly (Lacking this buy a Liquitex replacement)
  3. Slightly highlight with the 1:2 mix from step one
Once this was done I began the final step. The reds. This was not fun as I expected this to be easy, but it was rather difficult due to coverage issues.  Here is the technique:
  1. Begin with a basecoat of Sanguine Red. This is a P3 paint and requires you to thin it down. I did so with P3 medium. Even still this paint required 2 solid coats of coverage. 
  2. Wash it with Leviathan Purple
  3. Go back and pick out the raised areas with Sanguine Red
  4. Highlight with a 1:2 mix of Deneb Stone:Sanguine Red
I'm happy with the result but I found the portion of my army I'm going to hate painting. The maroon/reds.

~ So there you have it. My test mini is done and I'm extremely happy with the results. Keep an eye out as I work on my starter 35 point Menoth List! Questions and comments welcome!

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