Saturday, May 1, 2010

So another month down and another faction book released! I must say it's quite a beautiful book.
So its 144 pages in length, full color, and contains every mini produced (and some to be released). Color me impressed. The biggest mystery this book revealed was the tier lists. Just like all the others some are good, and some are lack luster. I particularly am impressed with Hierarch Severius' tier list... its quite good! 5 point Crusaders? YES PLEASE!

With the release of the book I've decided to start my 2nd faction. I have put together my eFeora list and will be painting this up as a showcase army. Here is a look at my 25, 35, and 50 point lists.. lemmy know what you guys think!

 eFeora 25
  • Feora, Protector of the Flame + 6
  • Vanquisher - 8 
  • Dervish - 4 (Bonded)
  • 10 Temple Flameguard - 6
  • Temple Flameguard - 2
  • Reclaimer - 2
  • Covenant of Menoth - 2
  • 2 x Vassals of Menoth - 4
  • Vassal Mechanic - 1 
  • 4 x Choir of Menoth - 2
eFeora 35
  • Remove Vassal Mechanic +1
  • Avatar of Menoth - 11  
eFeora 50
  • 5 x Exemplar Bastions - 8
  • Paladin Vilmon - 3
  • 2 x Paladins of the Wall - 4
The idea here is to build a well rounded list of support backing up some heavy hitters. The TFG are my tarpit unit and with the UA can help fuel Feora's feat turn. The Reclaimer helps fuel the jacks when TFG die as well. The Vanquisher is also used for this, using Ancillary Attack to give it 2 4" flaming AOEs... yummy. The Avatar, Bastions, Dervish and Paladins are there for heavy hitting power. Teamed with the Choir, Ingite, and Covenant they can put out some flaming attacks, and really cripple stuff when they hit. The Dervish alone can put out 7 PS 17 attacks when buffed up.. and they cause flaming.. very yummy! They are my 2nd wave.. made for smashing face.. being a Khador player I feel I require it!

~ So there you have it! Lemmy know what you guys think!

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