Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hey Guys, just finished up my first Warcaster for Menoth and I wanted to post him up!

I've been debating with ways to challange myself as a painter and step outside my comfort zone. I decided to give non-metallic metal painting a go, as well as some object source lighting. I used the artwork in the new Forces of Menoth book for Kreoss as inspiration for my forces basic schemes. I'll be posting a much more indepth description of the techniques used.

On another note, I've been debating for awhile what to do with my blog as I drift more and more away from Games Workshop and fully embrace Privateer Press and Warmahordes. As such I've decided that  I will be launching a blog soley dedicated to those two games. Keep an eye out for a link as I'll be shamelessly promoting it once I get it finished and ready to launch ;) Oh, here's Kreoss!

~ So there you have it! Keep an eye out for the new blog over the new couple weeks, totally reloaded and revamped for some Warmachine craziness.

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