Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hey Guys, so I've been playing my Khador for about 6 months now and have fine tuned most of my lists. I'd like to share the lists I've been using and the success I've had with them recently.
So I'll start by posting up the lists and then talking about how I use them. First up lets take a look at what is currently my favorite list.

pButcher - 35 points

Battle Group
Orsus Zoktavir, The Butcher of Khardov + 6
Beast 09 - 11
Kodiak - 8

War Dog - 1
Great Bears of Gallowswood - 5
Greylord Ternion - 4
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich - 2
Manhunter - 2
10 Winter Guard Infantry - 6
     Winter Guard Officer & Standard -2

Play style:
This is currently my in your face list. Its whole purpose is to deliver Beast 09, my Kodiak, the Butcher, and the Bears into the enemies line relatively unscathed. The screen which delivers these units are the Winter Guard. With Iron Flesh, and their unit attachment they come in at Def 17. I then use Kovnik Joe to make them tough and fearless, quite resilient. I will then place Ternion clouds down on the Standard, the Officer, and the unit leader. They come in at def 19 and block LOS to those behind them. Use this screen to keep the Butcher and the Great Bears safe.The kicker here though is that the Winter Guard can double as a beat stick unit as well. When you get close enough to the enemy you can have Joe give them boosted attack rolls, then the butcher drops his feat. On average you are hitting def 15 models, with POW 20 damage rolls.  Ouch.

If the enemy decides to engage the Winter Guard fear not! Simply load up your Beast 09 with focus and walk up with reach and smack them. This should free your winter guard up to spray away.  If the enemy commits the bulk of his forces to destroying the Winter Guard then they have fallen into the lists trap. Simply pop your feat, recast Iron Flesh on the Butcher and pop Full Throttle. The Butcher will be sitting in at Def 17 (19 in melee with the War Dog nearby) while Beast 09, the Kodiak, and the Great Bears make a mess of anything in front of them be it infantry or the heaviest of `jacks.  Beast 09 alone will be rolling in at Mat 8, 3d6 to hit, and doing 4d6+19 on the charge. Double ouch.

Anything he doesn't kill will be stationary with Full Throttle and Murderous up!

The biggest weakness of this list is things that KD your Winter Guard, or the Butcher. You have to be careful with your placement of your jacks so that slams cannot be lined up properly. Also anything that ignores your high def or renders it useless such as AOE spam, or AOE feats. Tough will help mitigate this, but not as well as you would hope.

~ So Far I have had a blast with this list. I can play it very aggressively and soak up a lot of fire. I’ll be posting up more lists and how they work over the new few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled! If you have any questions or would like some help with your list fu feel free to email me at!

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