Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hey guys, another day, another installment of the Cadian 501st. This time I finished up the Command squad. I still have 1 advisor to paint up, but the core squad is done.

First up the full shot of the command squad. I  added the 1 adviser I currently have painted up.

I wanted to have it stand out in someway to the normal rank and file troops I'd be painting. To do this I used a complimentary red color on some misc. pieces of the models. This helped to tie them all together, and yet have them pop a bit on the field.

The company standard was the first model I painted for the unit. This was a bit of a challange to me as I wanted to set the tone, but also have it stand out in some way. This is where I decided to use the red. I also tried a new technique for red as I have yet to find one that I really like. This however will be my new recipe for red going forward.

Skorne Red (P3 Line) -> Devlan Mud Wash -> Skorne Red Highlight

Next up was the medic. I was pretty tired of painting the Cadian symbol and wanted to try something a little different. I decided to give him the Imperialized Caduceus. It helped him stick out a bit yet still blend in with the unit. I felt it came out fairly well. He also got the standard 5 `oclock shadow treatment.

The body guards were a bit of a challange. I wanted them to look grizzled and veteran like, yet still have an air of the high command. I went with some bits from the Cadian Command sprue, but picked some faces that had scars. I then sculpted some cuffs on the one set of arms that didn't have any and presto, bodyguards.

For the meltagunner I kept it simple.  I wanted the option of swapping him out for another special weapon and still being able to use him in other squads should the need arise. For that reason I kept him devoid of red and simply gave him a unique head to set him apart. 

~So that it for the command squad. I have an officer of the fleet and a priest to add to it eventually. Then I'll be moving onto the fun stuff... ARMOR!

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