Friday, April 1, 2011

Officer of the Fleet!

Hey guys,  quick update today. I've been painting my guard up at a crazy pace. I've almost gotten to the end of what I own for models unpainted. I finished up the Officer of the Fleet yesterday to complete my command squad. Here he is!

The real challange with this miniature was what color I wanted to paint him. As the Navy is usually known for using blues I decided to accent him with blues and whites while keeping the main color of his uniform the same as Cadia's ground forces. With that in mind I set out using my normal technique but then used a nice dark shade of blue for accents. I completed the naval look with some gold trinkets and presto! He was quite fun to paint and I wanted to get a really snobby feel to him which I think I acheived.

~ So there you have it! Let me know what you think! I'm currently working on some commission pieces to help fund more miniatures ;) Keep an eye out for some possible Tyranid gribblies in the near future! 

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