Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hot off the paint table... the Widowmaker Marksmen!
So this here is my new favorite solo. I've recently been running him with a full unit of Widowmakers with Aiyanna and Holt supporting them. They have reliably been able to take down Warjacks by crippling their systems. I`m a big fan of this tactic and highly recommend it.

So my Khador army is nearly complete and I have decided to move on to Menoth for painting reasons. I really enjoy their models and think I will have a blast painting them. I'm going to start off with eFeora and her list of fiery doom!

~ So another solo down and one step closer to having my Khador army completed for the time being. I'll be moving this weekend so I won't have much time to post up anything. On a more competitive note... I've entered Privateer Press' Forum painting competition. I'll be painting the Behemoth, Strakhov and Aiyanna and Holt for it... keep an eye out for the entries!

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