Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Grey Knights

So.. the new kids on the block..
First off I have to get a few things off my chest. Yes some of the fluff is terrible. There are a few bad apples in there, but that's no reason to throw the baby out with the bath water. I think this is very much a case of people wanting to hate Matt Ward so they find the worst possible thing about the book, and tear it to bits. Seeing as this was the first impression I had before I even opened the book, I was able to read it with low expectations and I must say, I was rather shocked.

This book simply put I think is great. It's not over powered, it's not underpowered, it's just right. The more I play them the more I will enjoy them. After reading the fluff, and taking about 20 minutes analyzing the army list section I was sold. I bought the codex and I'm moving forward with a 1750 point army. I'm currently putting the finishing touches up on an army list, I'll post it when it's complete.

The fluff has its moments. Draigo is ridiculous, and I wanted to stab my eyes out with glass after I read it, and the part about bathing in sisters blood makes me scratch my head. Over all though there are many throw backs to 2nd edition, and even rogue trader. The Illuminati story was expanded on and modernized a bit. A bunch of fluff concerning the end of the Horus Heresy was fleshed out as well. I think a step in the right direction. If only people could edit the insanity that comes out of Matt Wards head he would write some very decent stuff. 

As for the rules I think Warmachine is rubbing off a bit on the designers. More and more I see a shift towards synergies, and tactical responses. The Grey Knights can do this with their pyskic powers. Fighting a tough foe? Hammer hand for that extra strenght. Multiwound beasties bearing down on you? Hit em with the force weapons. Fighting those quick and pesky eldar? Give em Quicksilver and kill em before they swing. Over all the book has answers to many situations and can pack them into a single list. This make all comer lists easier to build and a lot more fun to play. You don't have to meta game as much and you can rely more on playing and thinking rather than out listing your opponent. I hope things continue along this line with the Necron book, and the Tau. Matt Ward has the Necron book so I hope he carries this train of thought over. Only time will tell!

So things that I've been working on this week... well I had the local shop owner give me 4 tanks to paint. 3 chimeras, and 1 Manticore. I busted out the old air brush and went to work. As we speak 2 are done, and 2 are half done. I'll try and finish up the lot tomorrow as I have 8 boxes of grey knights waiting for me when I finish them! :) I also was commissioned to work on some Ogryn! I know Ogryn! They should pay for my transports and I'll be up and running with the knights. My friend Fable as he shall be called wants to attempt to play in the Connecticon 40k coming up this July. I told him I would try my hardest to have my Knights ready for action.

45 minute Chimera! Yay for speed painting

That being said I wanted to outline a few things I'll be working on with the project. One thing that I thought was really cool and could add a lot of character to a smaller army is the heraldry. Every Knight has his own name given to him when he becomes a full fledged battle brother as well as heraldry. Over the years names are recycled as battle brothers are lost. So names carry weight and deeds with them. I'll be using photoshop to make a shield template so I can easily make around 100 different heraldries and name them. That way I can add some character to my knights.

I also think this will be the first army I attempt to make 100% from plastic. With the Grey Knights terminator box, and regular marines having SO may bits I think I can convert almost all my characters from them. As it stands now I will be using 100% GK lists until I tire of them and want to branch out, or Necrons come out (which ever comes first!).

~ So I'm sold on the new Grey Knights, and I think Mr. Ward is starting to come into his own after a terrible start. I hope he continues to do good work and it looks like he might even be getting a crack at 6th edition 40k. Here's to hoping! So what is your take on the new Grey Knights guys?

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