Thursday, April 21, 2011

 Hey guys, just wanted to give a quick rundown of what I've been working on this week.
So model wise I've been putting together another 5 man squad of Grey Knights. I'll paint these up and add them to the first batch and will officially have my first 10 man squad completed. These models are quite nice but they take awhile to put together. Each Knight without gribblies is 11 - 12 pieces depending on if the weapon is 1 or two handed. Cleaning up all the mold lines and getting everything lined up the way I want it is quite a time consuming process. Anyway here is the squad.
I went with 1 pyscannon and the rest I gave nemesis force swords two. 2 boxes down, 4 to go ;)
In other news I've been working on my Grey Knights starter list for 1750 and I still can't come up with something I'm comfortable with. I think I'll eventually just lock something down this weekend and start play testing the heck out of it. I'll keep you all informed on this.

I've also been looking into RTV Silicone for making molds. I've been making a few custom bases for models lately and I thought it would be cool to start trying to cast them in resin. If it works pretty well I would start up a line and sell them on ebay. Maybe even do some weapon upgrades like shotguns and such in 28mm for Imperial Guard or some Warmachine goodies. I'll look more into it this weekend. If anyone knows a good tutorial or great place to gather information on this please drop me a line!

A friend of mine is thinking of opening a big gaming store near my place which is awesome. He is planning on making it one of the biggest and best in all of New England. I'll keep anyone in the area posted on location and set up as it comes along. As of right now I've been offered dibs on making tables, and painting up started sets for the store! Sweet deal.

Also sadly my cat knocked over my camera this weekend and shattered the lens. I have ordered a new lens from Nikon and it should be here in the next week or so. Until then I will have to take update pictures with my iPhone 4. Sorry! Hope to get back to normal here. I also picked up a MacBook and Aperture this week. Great for photo editing!

~That's it pretty much for this week, thanks for stopping in!

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