Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hey guys, got some more Khador for you tonight!

So I just finished up my Winter Guard Mortar Crew. I decided to almost paint them stock as I felt it looked rather good and fit with my armies color scheme. I noticed once they were done they look remarkably like the ones on the cover of the new faction book. Over all I'm quite happy with the result. I tried a new method to do my bronze which I'm extremely happy with. When I move on to Menoth at some point I will be using a similar technique to do the gold. So I'm just waiting on my Kodiak to arrive, along with my mechaniks. Once I get those I'll bang them out and have both my 25 and 35 point armies painted. As of right now these are the lists I'm using:

Total: 25 points
  • pButcher
  • 2x Juggernauts
  • 1x Kodiak
  • 4x Mechaniks
  • 4x Widowmakers
  • 1x Winter Guard Mortar Crew
Total: 35 points add:

  • 1x Wardog
  • 1x Devastator
~ So currently that's where I stand with my Khador. Once I have my Kodiak and Mechaniks painted up I will start branching out into dedicated infantry units such as Ironfang Pikeman or Winter Guard. Anywho I hope you enjoy!

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