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Read a wonderful overview of the tactics used for this Menoth Warcaster over on the PP boards. I wanted to post it up here for all to enjoy!
Author: Lanz

Reznik is an offense-oriented warcaster who favors an aggressive play style, heavy melee warjacks, and elite infantry. His above-average combat stats, passive bonuses, and spell list, favor his own battlegroup over the army at large, but not so single-mindedly that he fairs poorly with a balanced list. The focus in a Reznik list should be the Battlegroup, with adequate support, but infantry still plays a major role in keeping the battlegroup safe. Reznik follows the protectorate's popular denial and anti-magic themes, however his particular flavor is one of destruction and instant gratification, with many rules that instantly and directly penalize an opponent for their actions and decisions with swift reactions. Winning with Reznik involves outright enduring the attacks from the enemy while rampaging across the table with the single-minded intent of killing the enemy caster and anything that gets in the way.

Compared to other warcasters he is most similar to Feora and Amon Ad-Raza. He packs more punch than Feora, but has fewer options, while supporting infantry better than Amon, but being unable to handle and support as many warjacks. As far as list composition, he sits pretty much right in the middle of these two warcasters, and generally favors quality over quantity.


The first thing any player would notice upon seeing Reznik is that he is a medium-base warcaster, which comes with the built-in penalties of being slightly harder to move around, harder to hide, and impossible to block with Small Based models. This should be something kept in mind at all times. Being medium-base, of course also means that Reznik can see over some things that a small-base model could not, such as walls, and around other small-based models, but just remember, if you can draw LoS to them, they can probably draw LoS to you. Reznik's most crucial statistics are his MAT, his PS, and his ARM. With his self-buff Engine of Destruction, he has an independent damage potential unmatched in any other warcaster in the Protectorate of Menoth. At Armor 17, he ties with Feora for having our highest warcaster armor stat. While this is above-average and has the potential to render many attacks against him useless, it will not always protect Reznik from an assassination attempt, and one should never consider even a focus-stacked Reznik to be anything near to invulnerable. At a focus of 6, Reznik has a smaller control zone, and lower focus pool than some of our other warcasters. He can partially make up for this by being able to produce his own wracks, but for the most part feels the weight of focus more than other warcasters. Reznik's statistics only make up for a small part of his overall destructive potential, however.

Weapons and Abilities

Confessor - Reznik's weapon Confessor is a tremendously powerful warcaster weapon in Reznik's hands. With Engine of Destruction, it has a PS of 18, outclassing some warjacks and usually rolling directly to health or better against most targets. Confessor has the Reach and Magical Weapon rules, as well as the unique and powerful rule Purgation, which grants Reznik both an additional damage and attack dice against targets under the effect of enemy upkeep spells. This ability can be situational, as it is well-known and easy to deny, but there are many casters who keep upkeeps on themselves or their models throughout the majority of the game, such as Baldur, and Magnus. Keep in mind that Purgation effects models that have an upkeep spell directly on them, not models simply effected by an upkept spell such as models effected by Sorscha's Fog of War spell.

Terror - Reznik causes Terror, which is rarely applied as Reznik is usually not charging (or being charged by), models that are susceptible to morale effects. While rarely used, however, it is something that should be kept in mind.

Excruciator - Excruciator is a unique and helpful special ability that allows Reznik to turn a living model destroyed by his own melee attacks into a Wrack and place the wrack within 3" of himself once per turn. This ability applies strongly in later portions of the game, where existing wracks may have been destroyed, or are simply out of range. It is generally a good idea to kill off solos or unit members with Reznik directly if it is safe to do so, as you can never have too many Wracks. It is also worth noting that Excruciator is applied when a model is boxed and then removes the model from play, so it will deny any rules that would have triggered when the model was destroyed, such as generating soul tokens.

Witch Hound - Possibly Reznik's most signature rule. Witch Hound allows any model in Reznik's battlegroup (Reznik and his warjacks), to make a full advance, followed by a single attack, any time any member of the battlegroup is hit by an enemy magic attack. This is a dual-purpose ability offering either denial against spells, or added mobility and damage otherwise. Witch Hound's use will depend on your enemy's army composition, and naturally will apply far more against an enemy who uses many spells. Witch Hound renders some enemy units virtually defunct against Reznik's battlegroup, such as Druids, Battlemages, and Graylords, who all rely on their magic to keep warjacks away. Many spell-cast heavy warcasters and warlocks have much more trouble against witch hound as well. While Witch Hound is best-used offensively, it can also be used to move warjacks or Reznik around strategically, for better positioning, or protection. It is important to keep tabs on your control zone when applying movement with Witch Hound, so that you do not inadvertently move warjacks out of your control range before your turn.


Reznik's feat Judgment Day contains both a Pulse effect and a Zone effect, which can be applied a wide variety of ways. The first and most important use of Reznik's feat, that should be it's primary application, is it's pulse effect, which strips all models currently within Reznik's control zone of Focus and Fury points, and is ideally used just prior to an assassination attempt to strip a warcaster or warlock of their defenses. The second part of Reznik's feat is its zone effect, which remains in play for a round. This zone effect denies the upkeeping of spells within Reznik's control zone as well as allocation of focus. Additionally models casting spells within Reznik's control zone immediately suffer the Fire continuous effect. The Pulse portion of Reznik's feat is the main reason the feat should be used, however in combination with the zone effect it is a double-edged sword denial. If the feat catches the enemy's battlegroup the results can be crippling for both hordes and warmachine, or tremendously bad for Reznik. Against Hordes, the feat sucks all the fury off the warbeasts, forcing the warlock to cut themselves for their fury points, but leaving the warbeasts with no risk of frenzying. Against Warmachine it has no heavy lingering effect on the warcaster(other than forcing recasts of upkeeps), but denies focus allocation to warjacks, leaving the warjacks reasonably crippled, however generally resulting in a warcaster within 12" of Reznik with full focus.

Spell List

Engine of Destruction - Reznik's most important spell when he is causing damage directly is Engine of Destruction. With EoD cast, Reznik jumps to a PS 18, MAT 11, Spd7 monster, easily capable of shredding anything he can get into combat with. Naturally the trick is actually getting into combat, but once this is achieved, Reznik can spend focus to simply buy attacks, and will almost always destroy whatever he is attacking. His ability to cause massive damage to single targets is comparable with the Butcher, while lower in actual damage, the target is none-the-less guaranteed to be dead at the end either way. EoD also lends use to maneuverability as Reznik can use the extra spd to evade enemies as well. Additionally, since it lasts a whole round, Reznik retains its bonuses if Witch Hound is applied in a turn after it was cast.

Hex Blast - Hex Blast is Reznik's AoE spell. On it's own it causes average damage at pow 13 3" blast for a cost of 3. Additionally it will remove upkeeps from the model directly hit by the spell. Unfortunately, Hex Blast has little utility as it's cost takes much of Reznik's focus, and upkeep removal is usually not an essential factor in Reznik's game, due to Purgation. That said, however, it nonetheless provides Reznik with the means to strip a target of an upkeep, and is a powerful tool either when a model other than Reznik is going to charge, or when a model has upkeeps like Admonition cast on them. Overall, the spell is situational, and usually will not be used, but should be kept in mind, especially against spells like Admonition.

Ignite - Ignite is a very powerful offensive buff, that finds equal use both as a unit buff and a warjack buff, though almost never as a self-buff on Reznik. Ignite provides a target model/unit with +2 to melee damage rolls, as well as Critical Fire on their melee attacks. Good candidates for Ignite are warjacks, or Exemplar, and the player should feel comfortable with moving the buff around from target to target depending on who may need it most.

Iron Aggression - A crucial spell for Reznik's focus efficiency and 'jack usage. Iron Aggression is an upkeep that allows a target warjack to run, charge, slam, and trample for free, and gains boosted attack rolls with all melee attacks. Iron Aggression should be cast on a heavy melee warjack such as a Templar, Fire of Salvation, or Avatar. Warjacks with Iron Aggression can spend all their focus points on simply buying attacks, drastically increasing their destructive power.

Perdition - Perdition is Reznik's primary attack spell. At a cost of 2, and a below-average pow of 10, the spell is unremarkable by itself, however it's special effect becomes Reznik's best tool for out charging the enemy. If an enemy model is damaged by Perdition, a warjack in Reznik's battlegroup can immediately make a full advance towards the nearest enemy model once per turn. Perdition is the essential extra few inches of movement out of turn that allow Reznik's Warjacks to make effective charges against enemy models. It is important to note that Perdition does not require moving directly towards the nearest model. A warjack using perdition could move at an angle to get around or through terrain features in preparation for a charge, and is excellent for moving over linear obstacles and other small charge-denying features, prior to activation.

Victory Conditions

Reznik's prime objective should be an assassination run performed either by himself personally, or by one of his warjacks. Reznik's endurance will let him survive through a lot of damage, allowing him to be played more openly and aggressively, while abilities like Perdition and Witch Hound allow him to maneuver his 'jacks into favorable situations for charges. Reznik's battlegroup should be designed with assassinations in mind, and feature hard-hitting melee warjacks that are up to the task. Outside of assassination runs, Perdition also gives Reznik an edge in objective-based maps, where the extra out-of-turn movement he provides can be used to take objectives, if used well.

Reznik's MVPs
Note: This is scaled to a 35point battle range, and would apply differently to larger or smaller lists.

Devout - While not as adequate for most of Reznik's purposes, a Devout can protect Reznik where the natural features of the table might not, and is worth considering depending on the terrain and opponent. A Devout should not take priority over the other warjacks in the list, however.

Castigator - A top-shelf Reznik battlegroup candidate and an excellent target for Ignite. A castigator with Ignite and Infusion has PS20 fists, and when it's admirable spd of 5 is paired with Perdition it gains a tremendously flexible charge pattern. The Combustion ability should be considered an afterthought on the Castigator next to its high PS fist attacks, but remains powerful enough that the Castigator can fill a secondary role of Anti-infantry if the need demands it. Keep in mind that Combustion is not a melee attack, and thus does not gain the +2 from Ignite however.

Crusader/FoS - With a base PS of 18, the Crusader is probably Reznik's best pick for a primary warjack. Under infusion and ignite, its main weapon rises to a staggering PS22 and even its lowly fist attack climbs to PS18. While its low speed of 4 generally can cripple this warjack in most cases, Perdition can almost always be used to compensate for this weakness, allowing even the crusader to get first charge on targets, after which nothing is going to survive its flurry of attacks. The Fire of Salvation is also a very powerful option for Reznik, bearing all the advantages of the Crusader, with the added bonus of better MAT, speed, and its own imprint. For its cost, however, few warjacks have as good a cost-to-effect ratio for Reznik than the simple Crusader, and few warcasters can bring out such power in it. A Crusader should probably be the first warjack to keep in mind with Reznik.

Guardian - Were its cost lower, the Guardian would be the absolute top Reznik Warjack. With the same overall performance to the Crusader, the Guardian has the advantage of Reach, but the greater advantage of having an Arc Node, allowing perdition to be channeled through it for a more reliable spread of targets. The Guardian's sheer cost, however, makes it a warjack that should be taken conditionally, as it's advantages all work well with Reznik, but for the cost, it still causes less damage than the Crusader. The Guardian is a prime pick for Iron Aggression, however, as its critical is very powerful, and it gains a lot of utility from being able to make several boosted attack rolls.

Templar - Usually a more practical pick over the Guardian, the Templar trades off some of its damage for high endurance. While also less destructive than the Crusader, the Templar is better-suited to having Iron Aggression cast on it, and using its flurry of attacks paired with Beat Back to march itself across the table. A templar with infusion and Iron Aggression can pull off more complex maneuvers, by using Beat Back to pull itself into other models and destroy them. Because the Templar is better suited to Iron Aggression than Ignite, it is a good 'jack to take alongside a crusader.

Vanquisher - While normally included in most lists regardless, and not being a melee-centric warjack, the Vanquisher gains utility with Reznik lists as it is probably the best model to apply Witch Hound on. The free movement allowing the Vanquisher to maneuver into a better firing position, and take even more shots than it normally could. While low-performance in melee, Ignite and infusion bring its PS to 20, which is easily enough to destroy most targets. Additionally, the Vanquisher can also use Iron Aggression, allowing for highly accurate Thresher attacks. The Vanquisher is very flexible, particularly in Reznik's list, as it can be buffed to fill a specific roll when needed, and can apply a potential for more ranged attacks than with other casters.

Avatar of Menoth - Generally our faction's strongest warjack, taking one with Reznik depends on how it will be used and what it will be paired with. Of all the possible combos, no other warjack makes use of Iron Aggression better than the Avatar, as it essentially provides the already high-focus Avatar with a free charge and boosted attack rolls. An Infused Avatar with Iron Aggression charges for free, never needs to boost anything, and can buy up to 4 extra swings with its PS21 Burning Wrath. However, powerful as this is, the Avatar cannot be affected by Perdition or Witch Hound, and pays for its power both with its high price tag and its lack of direct synergy with Reznik outside of Iron Aggression. The Avatar should not be taken alongside a warjack that would also want Iron Aggression, such as the Templar, or Guardian.

All Exemplar Units - Because of Ignite, Reznik does well to have at least one unit of hard-hitting infantry, and none surpass the Exemplar in this regard. While each unit performs differently, they all contribute something to a Reznik list that generally makes them a better option than the rest of our infantry. Knights pack a tremendous punch in a small package, and have virtually no peer when it comes to supporting warjack charges for extra damage. With ignite they climb to a base PS of 13, and a maximum PS of 18, which brings staggering damage with Weapon Master on a charge. Vengers bring a measure of high mobility to a Reznik list, and excel at flanking maneuvers where they can get behind the enemy army and force them to move closer to Reznik's advancing battle group to avoid them. Errants provide a tar pit unit that is both numerous and tough, as well as flexible and hard-hitting. With Ignite they have the same base PS as Knights, and can cause a lot of damage while being very difficult to remove. Bastions fill an interesting role with Reznik as they are medium-base and can actually block line of sight to him, making them ideal bodyguards to advance just ahead of Reznik. Sitting at PS14 after Ignite, with reach and blessed, they pack a serious punch on the charge as well, and do well advancing with the Battlegroup like a squad of mini-warjacks. Ultimately, which unit is taken depends on the player's plan for the list.

While the units are all useful, a Reznik list usually would not have more than a single exemplar unit at 35 points, so a Seneschal or Gravus are not quite as useful as they would be in an infantry-heavy list. However, that said, a seneschal is excellent to have alongside Errants, and Gravus is excellent to have alongside Vengers.
Temple Flameguard - While not as suited to the specific needs of a Reznik list, temple flameguard are quite tough for their cost, and are good to employ(especially in lower numbers!) as a distraction to draw fire away from the battlegroup, or as a source of souls for a Reclaimer. With their high speed and shield wall, they can move quickly to a position, then advance under shield wall to make things hard on your opponent. Fielding a minimum-size TFG squad can be of great help to a Reznik list, but it should only be increased in size if a specific combo is planned, or if the points are available. Taking a full-size TFG unit should not cut into the more essential elements of the list, and should come last.

Choir of Menoth - Naturally, with such a focus placed on the warjacks and their ability to maximize damage, choir are an essential element. Since Reznik favors larger 'jacks, rather then numerous 'jacks, a choir can usually be fielded at minimum size, and should be an auto-include in a Reznik list.

Hierophant - Reznik can run into many problems with his low focus, and high reliance on warjacks, so a Hierophant can help relieve some of the stress when Reznik is managing the battlegroup. Additionally the Hierophant is tremendously useful when Reznik is fighting, as it allows him to cast Engine of Destruction while keeping more of his focus for himself. Between a Hierophant and a Wrack, Reznik casts EoD or perdition for free.

Reclaimer - Another useful support for Reznik's low-focus needs is the Reclaimer. Naturally if a reclaimer is going to be taken in the list, a complementary unit should also be taken, such as the TFG, or Exemplar Errants, to provide souls for the Reclaimer. A Reclaimer can be instrumental in a Reznik list, by being able to completely charge up a Warjack so that Reznik doesn't have to. Also it is handy to have, as it allows more freedom for warjacks to roam out of Reznik's control zone without fear of being deprived of focus.

Vassal - Naturally, in a list where an emphasis is placed on causing maximum damage in a single turn, having an extra attack always helps. With Reznik's specific range of abilities and buffs, virtually all warjack attacks are not manually boosted, so the Ancillary Attack provided from the Vassal is as good as any attack the Warjack would make normally. Naturally if a Vanquisher is present, even more emphasis should be placed on having a Vassal around.

Wrack - Wracks should be taken if there are points available to take them, and left behind otherwise. Wracks are essential in Reznik's list, however as he can make his own, it’s not always essential to pay the points to actually field them. Oftentimes a list will have a single point left, and Wracks are ideal for this and even more useful on a low-focus caster like Reznik. Because of Excruciator, Reznik also can apply Wracks as instant bombs to clear out infantry, by killing a trooper, wracking it, then attacking the wrack to blow it up. This can place Reznik at risk, however, and should usually only be done either with a spell from out of blast range, or while Reznik is stacking full focus.

Paladins - Paladins (Vilmon or normal) are handy elements to have in support of warjacks. At PS14/15 weapon masters, they cause a lot of damage, and are good for charging just before or just after Warjacks charge either to soften up a target, or finish it off. At least one paladin is useful to have around for their blend of high speed and high damage. While it would be rare, casting Ignite on a paladin would be very powerful too.


  • Your cleanest chance of winning is an assassination run, and it should be the first thing you look for and plan for each turn.
  • Be flexible; spotting openings in defenses are key to a good assassination, and the more openings Reznik's battlegroup can exploit or create, the better.
  • Out of turn movement is one of Reznik's more crucial means of getting 'jacks to their targets, so before you even allocate focus, you want to be looking for potential Perdition targets, or situations to try and force a Witch Hound.
  • Build for punches. Reznik is very aggressive, and performs best with models that hit hard and fast.
  • Keep an eye on Reznik’s control zone. It is very easy to move warjacks out of Reznik’s range, or Reznik out of his warjack’s range, when Perdition or Witch Hound trigger.
  • Watch for direct threats to Reznik himself. His play style can easily leave him very exposed, and where he ends up after his activation should be somewhere he can’t be easily threatened.

~ Thank you for the wonderful write up Lanz! Keep up the great work!

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