Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just finished this badass unit! Used the new Dullcote formula on them!

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay in posts, work has been somewhat crazy. Anyway I've been trying to bang out the remaining Khador models I have unpainted for my eIrusk and pButcher 35 point lists. I'm very close to finishing my 35 and 50 point lists for pButcher. I just need to paint up a M-O-W Kovnick to `jack marshal my Kodiak for 50 points and we are in business! Here's what I'll be running at 50 points with the Butcher.
  • The Butcher of Khardov +6
  • Behemoth - 13
  • Kodiak - 8
  • War Dog - 1
  • The Great Bears of Gallowswood - 5
  • Greylord Ternion - 4
  • 6 Ironfang Pikemen
  • Ironfang Pikemen UA
  • Koldun Lord - 2
  • `Jack Marshaled Destroyer - 9
  • Lady Aiyana & Master Holt - 4
  • Yuri the Axe 3
Total: 50 points

The `Jack Marshaled destroyer is there to help deal with infantry and to give a bit more ranged support to my army without taxing the Butcher. I added Aiyana & Holt to make the Behemoths bombards magical or to use Harm on key targets. I'm excited to get this force on the board. As of right now I just need to finish painting the Behemoth, Aiyana & Holt, the Ternion and the Koldun Lord. After that I'll consider my pButcher list set for the time being and focus more on eIrusk.

Speaking of painting I wanted to comment on Dullcotes new formula today. A lot of people have had problems ever since they took the Toluene out of their formula. I've found I can acheive the same great results as long as I hold the can farther back than I normally do. I spray from about 1.5 feet away and the stuff works beautifully. As of right now I'm gloss coating my minis with Pledge: Future Floor Wax, then hitting them with two coats of Dullcote. The result is great and a well protected miniature! Here's the final result!

~So that's what I've been up too! Warmachine MADNESS! I'm currently trying to decide on a 2nd faction to start. I've been looking at Cygnar and Trollbloods, however I still can't make up my mind. How do you guys go about choosing a 2nd faction?

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