Thursday, April 8, 2010

Alrighty guys, got some more Khador fress off the paint table today. Yuri the Axe!

Yuri is a unique manhunter. His fluff basically is that he’s a man of the wild that is hated by most for hunting people that stumble into his territories. Because of his constant murdering of people the Khadorian military condemned him to death. However... no one can bring him in.  The solution? Hire him instead! They allowed the madman a full pardon if he would hunt the enemies of the Motherland.

So he is a master of the forest and teaches other manhunters the ways of the hunt. In a nutshell he makes your other manhunters awesome in forests. He himself has thresher and is great for clearing out enemy infantry.

As for the model himself I had a blast painting him. I wanted to go for a more rural feel so I gave him more shades of browns and grays than red.  Either way I hope you enjoy him!

~ So thats it for today, I'll be working on the Behemoth soon enough and have most of my army painted! Then on to the next faction! 

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