Monday, February 22, 2010

Hey guys, just wanted to share a fairly straight forward conversion for your tanks!

So as you can see this is my Demolisher WIP. I wanted to upgrade the engines to have some sort of air filter similar to the DKOK conversion kit that Forgeworld sells. I wanted to simply buy the Forgeworld kit but it doesn't fit on the new Demolisher. The engine door on the new kit is one solid piece and thus can't be swapped out for the Forgeworld one. 

I looked through my bitz box until I felt I found something that look fairly similar. It's the back of the old searchlight that has been shaved flat. I then glued it down to an appropirate size piece of styrene and made some rivets. I cleaned the back hatch on the actual demolisher tank to get a flat fit and then glued the filter on. 
To represent some form of oxygen tank or what not I used the flamer backpack from the Cadian flamer and shaved off the skulls. I took another piece of styrene and put an armored plate on it. Lets face it.. you'd be stupid to strap some sort of oxygen tank to your hull without SOME kind of protection... anyway..

~ So there you have it! A simple conversion to help add some character to your tanks. This conversion can be used for other regiments besides the Death Korps, such as Chem Dogs, or any other Gas mask toting army. Like always, if you have any questions feel free to email me at!

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