Friday, February 19, 2010

Battle Missions


Looks like Scryer In the Darkness from Warseer has compiled a great list of the Battle Mission scenarios and some details surrounding them.
Well it looks like many of the pre-launch books have made their way to hobby centers around the country. Looks like Warseer has a post going with some indepth info surrounding many of the missions. The thread can be found here. Looks like some pretty good stuff. A few of the missions really peak my interest such as the Necron advance one that lets you capture objectives and move off them... very Dawn of War (the PC game). Also it looks to be confirmed that the Marines can use a Thunder Hawk in one of their missions...
The thread also has some great pictures of the venerable dread and killa kans from the black boxes! Check em out they look pretty sweet!

~ So it seems that GW is pushing super heavies more and more into the mainstream of things. Some of my friends believe that in 6th edition you will see them added to many of the standard Codecies. Heck you already have some popping up in the new books, such as the Trygon.What do you guys think?

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