Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hey guys, just installed photoshop this afternoon. Definitely worth it if you are planning on selling models or taking competition shots.
I'm extremely happy with Photoshop Elements 8. I was able to upload some better pictures of my DKOK army that I'm working on with it. Here are some higher quality pictures of Veteran Squad 2.

From top to bottom: Squad Shot, Heavy Flamer, Watchmaster.

Veteran Squad 3 is almost done and should be up sometime this weekend. I plan to do the Death Korps tutorial that so many of you are asking for on my next squad, a heavy weapon squad of bolters. Now that I have photoshop and my camera settings down I should be able to take some nice shots for you guys. I'm also looking into getting a Flip Ultra HD to take some high def tutorials going!

~Photoshop aside I received my Forgeworld weathering powders today. I shall begin experimenting with them this weekend on some terrain. Once I get the technique down expect a tutorial! I also plan on picking up some mineral spirits and oil paints this weekend. Then I should be all set to start my Masterclass: DKOK Demolisher! Keep your eyes peeled for more DKOK articles!

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