Monday, February 15, 2010

Over the weekend I was doing some snooping in the rumor forums over at Warseer and came up with a few interesting tidbits that were confirmed by those in the know (Harry, Steppingonyou, etc)
After about 15 pages of reading posts I came up with the following which have been confirmed New 8th ed starter box will be High Elves vs Skaven and will contain the following:
  • Plastic Griffon
  • New Plastic High Elf Spearmen
  • Plastic Silver Helms
  • Plastic Weapon's team of some sort for Skaven
Pretty exciting news as I have been planning on starting a High Elf army but was turned off by the overall look of their core troops. Guess I can head over to the warstore and buy the new spearmen in bulk once the set is released! Hazaah! Numerous other rumors were confirmed as well which include:
  • Wood elves and Brets not being redone anytime soon (saddly)
  • Ogre Kingdoms are being released soon with a new plastic Rhinox kit 
  • Tomb Kings are also on the horizon (with new minis)
  • New Orc Boys are coming (molds spotted being cut)
  • New Orc Book is on the horizon
  • New plastic Dark Riders
  • New plastic Knights of the Inner Circle 
  • New plastic Black Knights
  • New Orc Boar Boys

~ There you have it folks, hot off the rumor mills this morning. Obviously take these rumors with a grain of salt as you never can be sure what GW is planning at any given moment. However these sources have been fairly credible in the past and as such I felt I'd send along the information. I've also heard numerous talk of these releases from other forums. Sounds like the year of Fantasy is ramping up so go get your hand weapon and shield! 

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