Sunday, February 28, 2010

Alrighty guys just finished painting my first Warcaster for Khador and I felt like showing him off ;) I present the Butcher of Khardov!

I decided to go for more of a traditional painting style with him. I initially have him chipped up like I did with the Warjacks, but it didn't look right to me so I gave his armor another base coat and started fresh on him. The more I work on this army the more I learn about working with bronze. I'm very happy with the way most of the bronze turned out on him.

I also added the snow to my bases for both my jacks that I finished and obviously this guy here. I did it by simply putting some Snow Flake by Woodland Scenics into a small container and adding a bit of PVA glue until I had something that was the consistency of paste. I applied this with a brush to the bases and dabbed it around to give it a more natural look. I'm happy with the results as this is the first time I've tried snow bases Here's a pic of the final result.


~ So I'm trying to burn through this army as fast as possible. So far I've invested 11 hours into it and have 2 jacks and my warcaster painted. I ordered the rest of my 35 point army today and should have it Wednesday. I'll be cranking out the rest of it sometime after that. Now to get back to my Demolisher Tank so I can finish my master class tutorial on it! Any questions as always shoot me an email at!

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