Monday, February 1, 2010

So I just finished painting up my first veteran squad for my Death Korps Assault Regiment. I want to talk a little about why I equipped them so.
In a few works, fluff and flexibility. Starting with a little fluff first. These guys are veterans in an assault regiment. No unit worth their salt assaulting a fortified enemy position would leave home without some bunker busting capability (meltaguns) and a flame thrower of some kind to help clean out enemy trenches and nests (Heavy flamer). Some people will argue that carapace is a great addition to them. I would tend to agree with them, but when it comes to the Death Korps of Krieg quantity over quality usually wins the day. I want this unit to be left overs of a regiment that's been through a few assaults and thus have acquired more weaponry from the Quarter master (or other dead Kriegsmen). Grenadiers to me are equipped to spearhead assaults from the get go. I wanted a more rag tag approach for my veterans. If I ever use Storm Trooper I will use Death Korps of Krieg Grenadiers.

When it comes to performance I wanted a duality approach to the unit. They can move forward and get out of their transports and ruin any 4+ save infantry's day with a blast from their heavy flamer/rapid fire lasgun fire and thus hopefully clearing out an objective. Just as easily they can drive forward pop smoke, ride out the fire, and take out a tank. Even when it comes to MEQ they should be able to lay down some hurt with two melta shots and a pop from the heavy flamer. I also will be converting a few models down the line to have demo charges in case I want to equip the squad with demolitions. Anywho that's alittle background for this squad, now for some pictures! Click for close ups!
Squad Shot


Heavy Flamer
~ That's it for tonight guys. I'm hoping to get my decals in this week as well as my weathering powders so I can start on one of the valkyries. Keep an eye out for some master class tutorials! As always, any questions feel free to email me.

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