Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I want to let you in a little secret I've been experimenting with. Terrain made simple with Gorilla Glue.
So recently I've been planning on putting together a table for my new place (yes I will be documenting the process!). In preparation I've been fiddling around with different terrain techniques to find something that's simple and quick. I've heard Gorilla Glue being used for different terrain pieces and decided to fiddle around with it. While reading the bottle it states: "Glue will expand 3-4 times". It also states that it dries rock hard. This set off a little light bulb in my head. Why not use this to make terrain bases? So with this in mind I started my little experiment.  So after doing a little reading about the glue, I found out that it reacts with the water it the atmosphere. This is what causes it to expand. So the more water, the more expansion. So I poured out some glue and sprayed some water on it with my airbrush. I let it sit over night and in the morning I had a giant ball of beige glue.. too much water. I repeated the experiment, but this time I gave the glue a light dusting. It raised up just right for a terrain base. It was very reminiscent of the GW terrain bases on some of their releases. So now that I had figured out the right amount of water and glue to use I started my first piece of terrain. I decided to start simple with some just rocks on a base.

I applied the glue to wax paper and gave it a find misting of water with my airbrush. I then took some lava rocks and dipped the part I wanted to stick down to the base in water. I then pushed them into the glue. I set these aside to dry over night. In the morning the glue expanded just like before and I ended up with a wonderful base. It easily peeled right off the wax paper. I simply added some sand and undercoated it black. I then gave the entire base a coat of Scorched Brown followed by a heavy dry brushing of Bubonic Brown, and then Bleached Bone. I painted the rocks with Codex Grey and dry brushed them with Fortress Grey.Once that was complete I added some static grass to the base using GW's PVA glue. Elmer's white glue will work just find as well. Here is the finished result.

~There you have it! I have a feeling I've just scratched the surface with this stuff and plan to use it a lot more on some upcoming projects. I recently acquired a Cities of Death box of terrain and will be using this stuff sprinkled with sprue choppings to help create rubble piles. I've also been trying to make effective craters using it but I have yet to perfect the method. Like always if you have any questions feel free to email me at Col.festus@gmail.com.

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